Browsing Magic

Frequently Asked Questions

BrowsingMagic is a web based SaaS application that uses dynamic QR codes to connect interested people with responsive companies.
BrowsingMagic QR codes can be put on any print or display media where you would place a traditional QR code. BrowsingMagic QR codes can be as small as 1 cm.
BrowsingMagic QR codes provide a call to action for an interested person. When the person scans the BrowsingMagic QR code, they are prompted to send a text message to express their interest. Once sent, the person is directed to a landing page selected by the BrowsingMagic subscriber and a text message is sent to the assigned company representative with details on the BrowsingMagic QR code that was scanned and the person’s phone number. The person is also sent a text message automatically with additional information.
A BrowsingMagic QR code contains information relating to a specific landing page for the product or service and the company representative it is connected to. Additional QR codes are needed for each product/service and representative added.
BrowsingMagic QR codes are available for download from within the BrowsingMagic web application after payment. Once purchased and published, your BrowsingMagic QR codes can be reassigned and reused within the web application for future use.

Users can be added within the web application at any time.


To activate a User for BrowsingMagic they must associate their smartphone with a proxy phone number.

A connection occurs after the person scans the QR code, sends the prompted text message to express interest and the company representative receives the phone number and details on their smartphone. Merely scanning the QR code does not create a connection.
Each subscription includes 5 connections for each 30 day subscription cycle. The included connections do not roll over from cycle to cycle. After the included connections are exhausted, additional connections are billed at $3 each for the remainder of the cycle. Charges appear on the next cycle’s invoice.
Connections that are initiated by the assigned company representative’s phone number are not calculated in billing charges . When testing a connection no charges will be incurred, as long as the company representative’s phone is being used for the test.
Considering that this is an emerging technology, BrowsingMagic’s guidance is that you first text the person and then call once it has been agreed to by both parties.

BrowsingMagic can accommodate any number of QR codes and Active Users required by our subscribers.


Contact customer support for onboarding assistance in adding a large number of codes or users.

Unfortunately, at this time, BrowsingMagic is only available in the United States, but we are working hard to provide BrowsingMagic to a Global Subscriber base.
BrowsingMagic QR codes are dynamic. You can change the destination page, the assigned company representative , description or automated message in real time within the BrowsingMagic web application even after the BrowsingMagic QR code has been deployed and is live in the real world.
We suggest that if a QR code is no longer relevant for a specific product or service but it is still included in promotional materials, you reassign the landing page to correspond with a similar product/service or to your homepage. Regardless of the change in the landing page, the QR code will still be able to create a connection.
Simply reassign the BrowsingMagic QR code to a different team member within the BrowsingMagic application.
Because the text message is initiated by a person expressing interest , it is not considered to be spam.
BrowsingMagic application allows for multiple team or office environments to be segmented within the application for governance and administration, as well as reporting.
BrowsingMagic currently provides daily reports outlining the prior day’s connections to make sure none are missed. The report includes the description of the QR code scanned and the phone number of the interested person. Additional reporting is available for viewing online.
BrowsingMagic may be used to provide real-time engagement between people expressing interest in an ad campaign. Individual BrowsingMagic QR codes can be placed in different mediums, and all be directed to the same destination and company representative. . This is just one way to deploy BrowsingMagic QR codes for your analysis to determine, in real-time, which media are providing the most connections. BrowsingMagic Customer Support can assist you in other opportunities, as well.

BrowsingMagic is a month to month subscription service. Additional BrowsingMagic QR codes and activated Users can be purchased within a subscription cycle for a prorated rate to the end of the cycle.


If you wish to decrease the number of BrowsingMagic QR codes and active Users, our live customer support can remove them on a prorated basis for the remainder of the subscription cycle.

BrowsingMagic processes subscriptions through ACH and also via credit card transactions with a small 3% convenience fee.
The BrowsingMagic application is designed to be seamless and intuitive. There are also tutorial videos within the BrowsingMagic application to help you start. Should you have any questions or require assistance, BrowsingMagic provides live support for onboarding and ongoing situations.
BrowsingMagic provides help desk support within the BrowsingMagic application or you can call support at: (800) 831-9005. You may also scan the BrowsingMagic QR code on our website to request a call from the BrowsingMagic Support team.